It is our mandate to provide funding to borrowers that is socially acceptable and in a financially sustainable manner. The wholesale funding allows us to enhance our business and offer funding conducted in an ethical manner. Our motto is growth through strength and integrity. Our borrowers are of prime importance to us, particularly in these challenging times for mortgagors.


We aim to :

1.Keep margins to a minimum.

2. Keep our overheads low

3. Profit to be achieved by volumes as opposed to margins

4.To compete as far as possible with the Main Bank who have seized market share

5.Provide exceptional time turnaround times

6.Provide exceptional customer service.

7.Availability to the broker & Direct network seven days per week by key staff, whether by phone contact or email response

8. Only deal with the highest quality & most ethical of referrers and broker network.

10. As far as practically possible to pass on savings to the ultimate consumer.