Low Doc Refinance and Purchase.


Case Study 1.

A client who had a new busines, So new ABN. , GSt registration did not meet bank requirements.  This client was referred by a broker who was unable to write the loan. Upon working with the client and his accountant we were able to have the purchase written on a low doc basis in a main bank.


Case Study 2.

Similar scenario to the above , Main Banks required the usual GST and ABN requirements. We wrote this loan as a low doc refinance and a purchase.


Loan Structuring


Case Study 1

One of Melbournes Largest Property and Finance marketers sought our assistance on a loan that had been unable to be written. Multiple applications, property not valuing, Multiple declines. We were able to place this loan for over a $1 million in borrowings by a restructure, addressing every issue, and working on researching the comparables for the valuer.  Loan settled and the client has not lost a 60K deposit.


Case Study 2.

Loan for an investment property not valuing. Property was revalued and working closely with the Main Bank this loan was written and by undertaking a restructure the clients were saved the loss of a deposit of 55K. This again was a referral.


Case Study 3.

Referral of the purchase of an investment property in a Unit Trust. By using a structuring technique we were able to provide the benefits of investment tax deduction to the client and also lower their personal income by the rental being the income of the Trust. Main Bank funded.